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Resume RedZone offers high-quality resume writing services (resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, etc.). Our team of professional resume writers work with one goal in mind – to get our clients interviews with winning resumes.
We write hundreds of resumes each month and thousands each year for clients in all career fields. We are expert resumes writers who not only write, but we have an extensive business background in a wide range of industries (IT, healthcare, sales, management, retail, military, operations, education, etc.). Our team of writers are some of the most experienced, qualified resume writers you’ll find. We create all the resumes: in-house, directly with our clients, and have your documents completed within 24-hours. We work quickly, efficiently, and directly with our customers to create winning resumes.

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Do you want your resume to jump off the page, make hiring managers pick it up, look closer, and decide you’re a perfect match? That does not happen if your resume is tagged as just-another-resume; it only happens when you have a winning resume. PLUS – Same Day Service!

Knowing What Hiring Managers are Looking for is Resume RedZone’s Edge.
We are resume specialists not because we know how to create winning resumes that get our clients interviews. It is a result of our HR and hiring experience, we understand what keywords are imporant and how to write cover letters to get out clients interviews (quickly).[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

      Simply stated, our professionally written resumes make you stand out from the crowd.
      Your resume should be an effective marketing tool that explains who you are in a concise manner.
      An effective document that clearly demonstrates your unique skill set.
      A document that sells you to hiring managers and gets them to call you in for an interview.


We can help you in a VERY timely and affordable manner by creating you a resume that helps you find the work you desire in a new and exciting career opportunity. A job you want versus a dead end job that doesn’t fit your skills and/or passion. We do this EVERYDAY for our clients. We help our clients feel more confident in their job search, we get them jobs sooner with an effective resume and cover letter, and most importantly, we position them for salary increases they deserve.

We’ve changed thousands of lives – we do it EVERYDAY – and we want to help you! What makes us different is we work directly with our clients to provide individual service that is timely (within 24-hours) and extremely affordable. Our model is based on helping and satisfying our customers. They become our marketers and our salesforce, dramatically reducing our overhead costs in marketing and advertising – and we pass the savings on to you!

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People often spend 4 or more years in college and thousands of dollars to become qualified in their line of work. Some spend a great deal of money on education or make major sacrifices to climb the corporate ladder. Truth be told, employers take very little time to review your resume — 10-20 seconds if you are lucky before they are on to the next one. Most resumes end up discarded while a select few resumes go into the “interview” pile. There are plenty of qualified and educated candidates that don’t make it to the “interview” pile – simply because their resume isn’t professional and up to their experience-level. You need to be able to quickly demonstrate (within 20 seconds) your qualifications clearly and powerfully, using concise, strong, and value-add language. We achieve this EVERYDAY for our clients.

We review hundreds of resumes each month from hard working, educated, and qualified candidates that work decades and spend thousands of dollars on education, yet fail to invest in themselves. They make the mistake to write their own resumes. Generally, the resumes are created quickly to take advantage of an opportunity. Creating a resume takes time (and experience) to write a perfect document, which is difficult to do in a timely manner and almost impossible to do while working full-time. Generally speaking, people who write there own resume do not end up with a winning resume. Those resumes usally do not grab the attention of the reader(within 20 seconds), they are not full and strong — selling the candidate, they lack industry keywords, and they almost always have poor format/structure.

Let us follow-up on format/structure – this is KEY! Your document needs to look good and be balanced – this increases the time the reader will spend on your resume. Therefore, a consistent, well formated document with a balanced structure is a key component to get you an interview – it is almost ALWAYS overlooked by people writing their own resumes as well as other resume writers.

Why would you risk future career opportunities by creating your own resume? (It is one of your most important financial documents). You need your resume writer to be highly skilled and experienced to get you your dream job or a higher paying opportunity. You dramatically increase your odds by using a professional resume writer.

Our resume writers are highly skilled and experienced to create effective resumes that make significant differences in the lives of our clients. We are proud of our client’s sucsess and enthusiastic about creating affordable resumes that significantly help our clients get better jobs – faster and at a higher salary for positions they are truly passionate about – that’s our passion!

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