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Our team of experienced professional resume writers are the best in the business. They work for us (not outsourced) and turnaround your documents within 24 hours. That is how we complete outstanding resume documents for thousands of clients each year in a more affordable and timely manner.

We create customized, well-designed resumes, cover letters, thank you letters and LinkedIn profiles that open up a world of opportunities for our clients.

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We work with all levels of job seekers (entry-level to executives). Your professional resume is designed to align to the next step in your career and WILL get you interviews, shorten your job search time, and increase your opportunities and salary potential almost immediately. We guarantee interviews in 60 days or less or we will rewrite your resume for FREE.

Cover Letters

Cover letters accomplish what a resume cannot. The cover letter should not be a rehash your resume. Instead, a cover letter is unique, introducing job seekers to hiring managers and directing them to particularly powerful pieces in your career history. Is a cover letter important? Yes! Especially when competing against those who take the initiative to submit one.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is heavily utilized by both employees and employers for job hunting, career networking and professional development. Nowadays, everyone who is seeking a career position should have a complete LinkedIn profile, that syncs with their resume. Frankly, we believe in 2020 your LinkedIn Profile will be as important or more important than your resume.

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About Us

We service thousands of customers each year with the stated goal of creating affordable professional resumes for all our clients in a timely manner. Most of our clients are job candidates who are seeking a full-service resume writing provider to take over the burden of writing a professional resume from beginning to end. As a full-service resume writing service, we work with clients in a timely (24-hour completion) and affordable manner.

Over the years, we have had a tremendous amount of success creating effective interview-generating resumes for job seekers. Generally, our clients don’t have the time or the know-how to create effective resume documents, including the increasingly important LinkedIn profile.

Simply stated, we are here for everyone of our clients — job seekers who want a resume writing solution to showcase their expertise and experience. We are unique, in that we provide our clients affordable solutions within 24 hours — documents that are customized and designed to immediately increase our clients’ rate of interviews and ultimately increase their opportunities to increase their salary. We hear from our satisfied clients everyday. It is our pleasure to serve them with professional resume writing service that is guaranteed.

Our team walks each client through our process via resume consultation and information gathering. Our team collaborates with clients to provide them with a full-service solution. Our secret is we work in teams to gather client information, create a plan, assemble documents, review documents, and send completed resume documents back to clients — all within 24 hours at very affordable rates.

Again, we complete all your documents within 24 hours because our resume writers work in teams. We don’t work part time or outsource our work to others. We get started immediately and often have work back same day at no additional cost. We consistently provide better quality and pricing than other resume writing service providers.